Chick-Fil-A Drive Thru Canopy: Relief from Hot Texas Sun

July 29, 2019

On our recent Chick-Fil-A project in which a new canopy is to be added to the drive-thru lane to provide a much needed relief from the sun, especially during the hot Texas summers. Dudley Engineering was engaged to perform the special inspections of the foundation and superstructure. Special inspections are an often overlooked area of building construction that are required on certain projects depending upon the size, occupancy and structural framing/materials. Reference the International Building Code – Chapter 17  for a complete list of required special inspections or reach out to us directly for a custom table of required special inspections for your project.

Dudley Engineering is uniquely equipped to perform as both the structural engineer-of-record and special inspector. In our experience, there is no greater value to the owner and the community at large than to have the structural engineer-of-record performing the special inspections/observations, since they are the ones who are intimately familiar with the structural design, which means they know where the key connection or components are on the load path and can provide more scrutiny on these items.